20lbs Dacron Backing - Per Yard

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This 20lbs Dacron Backing is only offered per yard and only to be spooled on a reel purchased at Anglers All or brought into the shop locally in Littleton, CO by a customer. This Dacron Backing cannot be sold individually. 

Please pick your preferred color, and whether you are a left hand retrieve angler or a right hand retrieve angler. 

Please choose the quantity of backing you need based on the size of your reel. Because all reels are different, we will fill the reel to the perfect amount and if that measures less in yards then you purchased, you will not pay more then we used. If it is over, we will cover the difference. 

All 6wt reels and bigger will get a Bimini Twist Loop tied in to the end of your backing. All 0wt through 5wt reels will not. 

We recommend 20lbs Dacron Backing to be matched with 0-6 weight set ups. 30lbs Dacron Backing to be used on reels 5-10 weight reels. We highly recommend our 68lbs Hatch Backing to be used on ANY saltwater reel set up. 

2 weight reels - 40 yards
3 weight reels - 50 yards
4 weight reels - 60 yards
5 weight reels - 75 yards
6 weight reels - 100 yards
7 weight reels - 125 yards
8 weight reels - 175 yards
9 weight reels - 225 yards 
10 weight reels - 275 yards
11 weight reels - 350 yards
12 + weight reels - 400 yards

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