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The Umpqua Interviews Part 2: How Umpqua Produces Premium Flies

If you’ve ever fished a selection of flies from Umpqua Feather Merchants, one of the first things you’ll notice is the quality. From the simple midges and baetis, to the intricate streamers and steelhead flies, the consistent quality of Umpqua’s products has rocketed the brand to the top of the fly fishing industry.

For Umpqua, this was the plan from the beginning. Founded by Dennis Black in 1972 near the banks of the North Umpqua River, the company’s mantra has always been to provide anglers with all the tools they need for a great day on the water. This commitment is especially evident in Umpqua’s flies.

When it comes to fly production, this Louisville, CO-based bug behemoth takes no shortcuts. Umpqua’s process is meticulous and thorough. They task their factories with recreating all of the flies to the exact specifications of their Signature Tyers, which ensures every pattern that leaves the warehouse is going to be the exact same as the previous batch. Umpqua also sources premium hooks and the best fly tying materials on the market. Maintaining this high level of quality, obviously, is an arduous task. The man in charge of that task? Umpqua’s Director of Product, Brent Bauer

In this video, we sit down with Brent to talk about his role in the brand’s operations, how their fly tying materials supply chain functions, how Umpqua can guarantee premium flies every time, and more.

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