Fish-Skull Chocklett's Articulated Micro Fish Spine Starter Kit

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Tie animated baitfish patterns with ultra-lifelike action.

Co-designed with Blane Chocklett.

Blane Chocklett is one of the fly fishing industry’s most forward-thinking and innovative fly tyers. Essentially a tapered daisy-chain, the Fish-Spine is a series of specifically-designed articulated shanks that allow you to create multi-jointed, highly articulated streamers.

If you enjoy tying Game Changer style flies but get frustrated with tying the tail section, the NEW Tail Shank is the solution you've been looking for.

The Tail Shank is the newest addition to the Fish-Skull Articulated Fish-Spine system and is designed to simplify and improve the tail tying process.

We've essentially modified the design of a Fish-Spine shank by removing the rear loop and replacing it with a tag, which is to be used as an easy way for you to place the Tail Shank in your fly tying vise.

Now, rather than having to try the difficult process of tying around the rear loop of a shank or modifying the shank by cutting part of it off, you can easily tie a neater tail with more taper using the Tail Shank.

THIS STARTER PACK includes, 75 Shanks total. 25 - 8mm shanks. 25 - 6mm shanks. 25 Tail shanks. 

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Kimo| 3/21/2020 7:25 am

Started tying on these as soon as they came out. They are great for baitfish imitations but don't let that stop you. They are a great platform for such things as helgi's, shrimp, crawdads or anything else that needs movement. They are small but not any different than tying on size #20 hooks which we in Colorado are so used to tying on. Try using the Fish-Skull Wiggle-Tail Shanks for the tail. It will let you add a bit more material to the tail section which results in a bit more movement.