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McKittrick’s Ice Queen - MFC Fly

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SKU: Mfc-10686-Olv-Size 22


Excellent tailwater fly that can be fished very effectively in a few different ways. A great option when trout seem to be picky and not eating other confidence patterns. One of those flies that just seems to work. A must have for fisheries similar to Cheesman Canyon.

Fly Recipe

Hook: TMC 100 or equivalent 24-16
Bead: Tungsten 2.2-2.8 (Black or silver)
Thread Veevus 16/0
Tail: 3 Fibets the exact length of hook
Body:  Thread, leave 1/16" gap in front of bead, push bead back against thread body, then use with a  thin UV product to lightly coat the body. push the  bead back so it is touching the coated thread wrap. Use UV light to cure UV glue.
Wingcase: Swiss straw- Cut into desired wing shape. I take a 1/8"  wide by 1/2" long, then fold it in half lengthwise. Then cut a tapered wing. I then unfold the swiss straw. Cut it in half lengthwise and you will have two identical small 1/16 " widie wings.  Take the first wing and put it in front of the bead, back side and tie the tapered side back (like you would tie in the goose biots of a Prince nymph). Then repeat on the tiers side of the hook (like you would tie a Prince- but only about 1/6" of tapered swiss straw to protrude backwards. Another option I also use a lot is CDC. I just cut the very top of the cdc plume off so it makes a V-shape. Then Tie it in (see picture above).
Head:  I use very fine dry fly dubbing and the littlest amount possible. Some versions I tir I leave less of a gap and just fill the gap with the thread from my whip finish tie off.
There are several variations I tie so just have fun with it and just make sure the proportions are consistent. (ex: tail length of hook shank and CDC or swiss straw is no longer than the hook shank (I usually make them 1/2 hook shank length). Have fun!


Jake McKittrick

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