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2020 Official STANDINGS!

1st – Team Umpqua – 17 Species – 3150 Points

2nd – Mr Steal Yo Fish – 15 Species – 2200 Points

3rd – Team No  Name – 15 Species – 1700 Points

4th – Rush ‘N Scuds – 14 Species – 2600 Points

5th – The Cork Soakers – 13 Species – 1700 Points

6th – The Chedda Chuckers – 13 Species – 1650 Points

7th – On The Fly – 13 Species – 1500 Points

8th – Unbalanced Leeches – 13 Species – 1300 Points

9th – Fairy Dust Bug Chuckers – 12 Species – 1550 Points

10th – Fishy Boys – 12 Species – 1550 Points

11th – Kosher Kasters – 12 Species – 1350 Points

12th – Trout Bum Boys – 12 Species – 1350 Points

13th – Hold My Beer & Watch This – 12 Species – 1250 Points

14th – Fish The Force – 11 Species – 1800 Points

15th – Naps & Snacks – 11 Species – 1200 Points

16th – Team Trashfish – 11 Species – 900 Points

17th – Team Brown – 10 Species – 1550 Points

18th – Open Flies – 9 Species – 1500 Points

19th – One More Cast – 9 Species – 1350 Points

20th – Fly Boys – 9 Species – 1050 Points

21st – Just The Tippet – 9 Species – 900 Points

22nd – Covert Ops – 9 Species – 800 Points

23rd – Mountain Dog Angling #2 – 9 Species – 800 Points

24th – Team MonoTrillament – 9 Species – 650 Points

25th – Team Avid Max – 8 Species – 1050 Points

26th – Team Tight Loops – 8 Species – 950 Points

27th – Western Willow Bashers – 8 Species – 950 Points

28th – Here Fishy Fishy – 8 Species – 850 Points

29th – Team PUA – 8 Species – 850 Points

30th– Team Fly Cast – 8 Species – 800 Points

31st – Yappa Time – 6 Species – 850 Points

32nd – Taste Great, Less Filling – 7 Species – 800 Points

33rd – The Hippie Stompers – 7 Species – 800 Points

34th – CARPe Diem – 7 Species – 800 Points

35th – Gill More Girls – 7 Species – 550 Points

36th – Mountain Dog Angling #1 – 7 Species – 500 Points

37th – Tag My Sponsors – 7 Species – 500 Points

38th – The Blue Gill Brothers – 6 Species – 800 Points

39th – The Compleat Pistol Pete – 6 Species – 450 Points

40th – Team Cody & Aaron – 5 Species – 300 Points

41st – Team Good Time – 4 Species – 500 Points

42nd – Get Fish Or Die Flyin’ – 4 Species – 450 Points

43rd – Team Second To Last – 4 Species – 450 Points

44th – Midges Be Crazy – 4 Species – 350 Points

45th – The Chicken Chuckers – 4 Species – 350 Points

46th – Fin & Feathers – 4 Species – 250 Points

47th – My Asshole Neighbor – 4 Species – 200 Points

48th – Team Baby On Board – 3 Species – 300 Points

49th – Fish Breath – 3 Species – 300 Points

50th – Tippet Over – 3 Species – 150 Points

Celebrating its FIFTH year, the Mile High 25 Fly Fishing Tournament will take place June 27 and 28, 2020. Two-person teams will compete to catch the most species of fish from the list of 25 eligible species. Not the most, not the largest, but the most different species, on a fly! Each species will be assigned a point value relative to its rarity and level of difficulty in catching it. The team with the most species caught wins! Species points will only be tallied in the event of a tie in species caught. 

Dates: Saturday June 27th & Sunday June 28th
Time: Saturday 6am to 8pm. Sunday 6am to 3pm
Location: Colorado's Public Waters

When you think of Colorado’s fly fishing opportunities, trout fishing certainly comes to mind. But many anglers overlook the multitude of other fish that can be targeted on the fly. Just a few of the 25 eligible species include northern pike, smallmouth and largemouth bass, wiper, bluegill, catfish and carp.

It’s a fly fishing only tournament, and teams may fish any of Colorado’s outstanding public waters, abiding by all Colorado Parks and Wildlife regulations.

The event will kick off on Friday June 26th. The days prior we will have curbside registration and control card pick up. We will answer any last minute question on the rules. 

On Saturday June 27th, the competition will kick off at 6am and continue all day, with lines out of the water by 8pm. The fishing action will officially start again Sunday morning the 28th at 6am and the tournament will end at 3pm. This year the awards ceremony will be help virtually after we tally the last of the points and announce this years winners.

The $250 team registration will include entry fees for two team members. We will be taking new sign ups until the end of the day Friday June 26th. 

If you have any questions about the rules, the schedule or the tournament please feel free to give us a call at 303-794-1104. Register yourself, or your whole team. We will then reach out to you to get team names and other details. A single registration is for one participant, or half the team 

More details, photos and videos can be found here at the Mile High 25 web site. 

The 2020 Mile High 25 Species List and point values

1. Tiger Muskie – 500pts 

2. Golden Trout - 500pts

3. Splake – 500pts 

4. Lake Trout – 400pts 

5. Wiper – 400pts 

6. Walleye/Saugeye – 400pts 

7. Grass Carp – 400pts 

8. Mirror Carp – 300pts 

9. Common Carp – 300pts 

10. Freshwater Drum - 300pts

11. Grayling – 200pts 

12. Northern Pike – 200pts 

13. Catfish – 200pts 

14. Largemouth Bass – 200pts

15. Smallmouth Bass – 200pts 

16. Whitefish – 100pts 

17. Tiger Trout – 100pts 

18. Yellow Perch – 50pts

19. Sucker – 50pts

20. Crappie – 50pts

21. Brook Trout – 50pts

22. Cutthroat Trout – 50pts 

23. Brown Trout – 50pts 

24. Rainbow Trout 50pts 

25. Sunfish / Bluegill - 50pts

25. Sunfish – 50pts

Tournament Rules:

1. This is a fly fishing tournament only. All fish must be caught on artificial flies using fly tackle. NO SCENTED FLIES. Any teams caught cheating will immediately be expelled from competition and will forfeit their eligibility to compete in future Mile High 25 tournaments. 


2.  Two person teams. Teams must stay together on the same body of water. 

     *$250 Entry fee per team

3. Teams will attempt to catch-video-release the 25 eligible species in the allotted time frame. Angling will only be permitted from Saturday 6 AM – 8 PM and Sunday 6 AM- 3 PM. Each day an extra hour will be allotted after tournament angling is over (8pm-9pm SAT & 3pm-4pm SUN) for teams to submit their final catches of the day to the "Cinebody" application. Videos must be submitted for each fish caught, no exceptions. No blurred or modified backgrounds. 


4.  Tournament judges are looking for proper fish identification and sustainable fish handling with all video clip submissions. Videos received after 9 PM Saturday or after 4 PM Sunday will not be counted. NO SUBMISSIONS outside the 1 hour grace period!!


5. Teams must have a clear video clip of each fish with control item in picture in order to count. Video clips submitted without control item will not be counted. Videos of fish that cannot be identified by one of the three judges as an approved species will not be counted as a "catch."


6. The greatest number of species caught wins the tournament. Point values associated with each species will only apply to the scoring system in the event of a tie in number of species successfully caught and released between 2 or more teams.  


7. Safe & sustainable handling of fish must be practiced at all times! This is a catch and release tournament so all fish must be released back to the water. Any videos of fish in the dirt, on land, hanging from tippet, or improperly handled will not be counted. When in doubt have your partner film the fish in the net before he or she captures the safe release of the fish.


8. Teams can fish anywhere in Colorado in publicly accessed water only. NO TRESPASSING & NO PRIVATE WATER. NO EXCEPTIONS! Our ability to identify locations within the metadata of each video clip has improved for the 2019 MH25. WE WILL BE WATCHING. If you're video clip was captured on the border of private & public lands we will ask for additional photo images to support your claim.  

9. JUDGES HAVE FINAL RULING ON ALL VIDEO CLIP SUBMISSIONS. Fish should be large enough to be identified by the judges panel. In many cases an extremely immature fish cannot be properly identified which will not count as an approved submission.  

10. At least 1 of 2 team members must be in attendance at the "Weigh-In" on Sunday by 5pm at Breckenridge Brewery to claim awards & prizes. 

11. Use of boats and other watercraft is allowed. Ensure that you are following all Colorado Parks & Wildlife rules regarding watercraft, angling and water access.  

12. All teams must abide by all Colorado Parks and Wildlife fishing regulations! Be sure your fishing license is current and you are only using 3 hooks at a time.

13. In the event that the total number of species caught between one or more teams is equal, the tiebreaker protocol is as follows:

The point values assigned to each fish species will be tallied as the first means of determining the winner. The team with the highest total point value accumulated will win the tie-break. 

- If the point values tallied are equal, i.e. 2 or more teams have the same number of species and same total sum of points then....

- In the event that the total number of species caught & the point values associated with each fish does not determine a winner, the final tiebreaker will be determined by the timestamp of the highest scoring fish scored. The team who submits the highest valued fish from their mix of species first will be declared the winner. This is determined by the timestamp of the video clip. If the timestamps of the highest scoring fish submitted is identical, then we will declare a tie.


Friday June 26th​

-Tournament kick off, and the last day to pick up your registration and control card items. 


-We will answer and questions about the rules and discuss the new phone application "CINEBODY." Free on the app store. 

-Anglers will Download the Cinebody App and become familiar with the functionality on the iphone and Android platforms.


-A custom authorization code will get you going if you have not already become familiar.


-All Teams will be able to take advantage of 15% discount.


Saturday June 27th


Submit 1 video clip of each species caught throughout the day. If you are out of service, the posts will upload automatically as you return to cell service. If in doubt submit supporting photo/video evidence later by emailing us at with the subject "MH 25 + team name + species.  

-8:00PM LINES OUT AND *VIDEO CLIPS SUBMITTED. Tournament fishing is over for the day. Try to get some sleep!




Sunday June 28th


Submit video clips throughout the day as fish are caught.

-3:00PM LINES OUT AND *VIDEOS SUBMITTED. Tournament fishing is over.


*NO VIDEO SUBMISSIONS AFTER 3PM. Supporting evidence may be emailed after the tournament has ended as long as the metadata supports the timeframe allotted.

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