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eBay Consignment Program


The Program:

Do you have used fly-fishing gear that still has some life left in it? Turn your used gear into new gear with the Anglers All eBay Consignment Program.

How it works:

Step 1: Bring in your used gear, let us check it out to see if the item would qualify*

Step 2: Give us one to two weeks to take photos and post the gear on our eBay page

Step 3: Once the auction ends (usually 7-10 days) or item sells, you receive an Anglers All gift card worth 85% of the final sale price.

Step 4: Grab some sweet new gear with your Anglers All gift card

If you live out of the area and would like to send us some gear to post, email jeff@anglersall.com a couple quick photos and we will get back to you about the item(s).

Items that sell well:

• Fly Rods

• Fly Reels/Spools

• Fly Rod Tubes/Cases

• Fly Tying Vises

• Nets

• Packs/Bags


• No damaged gear/items or with significant of wear

• No vintage fishing gear

• No flies or fly boxes

• No clothing

• No footwear

• No waders

• No Patagonia gear of any kind