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New Video: Streamer Fishing and Presentation Tips

We’re back with the third installment on streamer fishing with certified master casting instructor, Jonathan Walter. In the third video in this series, Jonathan provides some very practical tips on how to cast streamers and helpful presentation techniques.

If you didn’t catch our previous videos with Jonathan Walter, be sure and take a look. In Part 1, Jonathan covered some line and leader basics for a streamer rig. In Part 2, we learned some important casting techniques to help improve delivery of heavy flies. See THE PREVIOUS BLOG POST for both videos.

Here in Part 3, Jonathan covers some very practical tips that should be a part of every angler’s tool kit. Jonathan explains the importance of the roll cast when fishing streamers. But then we get a look at some effective techniques to present streamers to big, predatory trout.

Finally, we wrap up the video with a couple of pointers on rod position and hook setting technique to help capitalize on strikes.

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Fishing streamers can be effective year-round in many Colorado waters. If you need help, come see us at the fly shop or call us at 303-794-1104. We’d love to help you make the most out of your next day on the water.