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3 Upcoming Adventures on Our Travel Calendar

Have you noticed? The late summer light is turning gold in the evenings. Kids are going back to school. Temperatures along the Front Range are still in the 90s, and we’re seeing some of the best fishing of the year in Colorado. But restless as we are for new adventures, the subtle change of seasons has us thinking about our big travel plans this coming fall and winter.

As we look at the next few months and beyond, here are a few fly fishing travel opportunities that we’d like to put on your radar:

Deschutes Steelhead with Brian Silvey

Fly shop manager, Greg Garcia, will be hosting our 5th annual trip to the Deschutes River in Oregon from October 10th through the 13th. This sold-out adventure recently had a cancellation, leaving two openings. Famed Pacific Northwest guide, Brian Silvey, will lead this multi-day camp float down the Deschutes. Priced at $2,000 per angler, these last two spots will go fast. If you’re interested, please contact us now!

New Worlds of Dry Fly Fishing at Rio Manso

This trip will change the way you think about dry fly fishing. When we begin fishing at Rio Manso, Argentina on December 1st, the rivers will be reopening after a 7-month closure. These fish will have seen no pressure or anglers in that time. What’s more, this trip is timed with hatches of oversized caddis and dragonflies. Yes, there really is a dragonfly hatch. During the first week of reopening last year, several fish over 27 inches were landed.

In addition to the outstanding fishing, Rio Manso is also an idyllic destination for couples. Non-anglers will enjoy Patagonian hospitality and Argentinian food and wine. Guests can enjoy waterfall hikes and condor watching, or visit the nearby town of Bariloche, with its world-class restaurants and shops. Imagine a Swiss ski town, nestled between snowcapped peaks and the waters of a turquoise-blue lake. Blend that with Argentinian food and culture, and you’re close to imagining this unique destination.

We only have two spots open for our trip to Rio Manso in December. The trip is priced at $4,750 per angler for six days of guided fishing, and $3,100 for non-anglers.

Cantaria Beetles at Cinco Rios

This year marks the bi-annual Cantaria beetle hatch in Chile, providing anglers the opportunity to throw size 4 dry flies at aggressive fish. We will be back at Cinco Rios with two hosted trips in late February and early March, to target aggressive brown trout throughout the area’s diverse waters. The first trip will be February 22nd through the 29th and will be a split week between the spring creek fishing at Estancia del Zorro and the main Cinco Rios Lodge. The second week, February 29th through March 7th, will be spent entirely at the main Cinco Rios Lodge.

Cinco Rios offers some of the most diverse and spectacular fly fishing in Patagonia. From spring creeks on the Patagonian steppe, to coastal rivers in temperate rain forests, and even glacier-blue lakes, you could fish here for years and never have the same experience twice. That diversity in angling is anchored by the Lodge’s expert service, outstanding food and warm hospitality.

These trips sell out annually and we only have a couple of openings for each week next year. This trip is priced at $4,995 for six days of guided fishing.

Contact Us for Details

When you book a destination fly fishing adventure through Anglers All, you’re not paying any more than you would when booking directly through a lodge or guide service. What you gain, for no extra cost, is our first-hand knowledge of these destinations, logistics coordination, and a VIP travel discount here at the shop.

If you have questions about any of these travel opportunities, please don’t hesitate to reach out to travel coordinator, Andrew Pulford. Reach him at the fly shop at 303-794-1104 or send him an email at andrew@anglersall.com