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There's something for everyone in Belize

There’s a reason that Belize has been a top saltwater fly fishing destination for so many years. It’s accessible. It’s affordable. And the fishing can be incredible.

 When planning travel for our customers and for ourselves, there’s another big reason we love to recommend Belize. In Belize, there is something for everyone.

Vacationing with your spouse and want to do a little fishing while you’re there? Perfect. Traveling with a salty group of anglers hoping to fish every waking moment? No problem. No matter the agenda, there are lodges and destinations in Belize that can cater to any individual, couple or group.

Travel from the U.S. is usually pretty simple. In addition to fishing, you’ll find beaches, scuba diving, snorkeling, boating and a whole list of adventure activities. Belize is home to the second-longest barrier reef in the world. In many ways, it’s an ideal tropical destination for U.S. travelers. 

Thatch Caye & Blue Horizon

Thatch Caye is the perfect example of a luxury destination that’s perfect for couples. With beautiful overwater bungalows, great dining, adventure packages, yoga and more, this is the perfect place to get away with a non-angling companion.

If you come for the fishing, you’re in for something special. Thatch Caye’s fishing program is in partnership with Blue Horizon, one of the premier guide services in Belize. You could be fishing with legendary permit and saltwater guide, Lincoln Westby or one of the other well-known guides from Blue Horizon.

Dates and packages at Thatch Caye are completely customizable. Arrival and departure dates are flexible, and the two-night minimum stay provides plenty of options. In addition to customizable dates, Thatch Caye and Blue Horizon keep us posted whenever they have short notice specials. Currently, there are specials available for select weeks in March, April and May!

To learn more, please contact Anglers All travel coordinator, Andrew Pulford. You can call Andrew at the fly shop at 303-794-1104 or shoot him an email at andrew@anglersall.com

Turneffe Flats

For years, we’ve been traveling to Turneffe Flats Lodge in Belize. Anglers All guests and staff have traveled to Turneffe in groups, with spouses, or on their own to experience this incredible saltwater fishery.

If you’ve followed our newsletters for long, you’ve undoubtedly heard us rave about the experience at Turneffe Flats. The guides, the lodge, the fishing, and the staff all make it a complete experience. If it’s your first saltwater fly fishing endeavor or if you’ve lost count, the folks at Turneffe have a knack for making it memorable.

This is grand slam territory. A number of guests from Anglers All have completed their slam, landing bonefish, permit and tarpon at Turneffe Flats. Like most waters in Belize, anglers commonly land a wide range of other species, including snook, snappers, jacks and barracuda. Turneffe is also a great spot for non-angling guests to have fun and relax. They offer scuba diving and atoll adventure packages.

Plan Your Belize Adventure

If you have questions about planning a trip to Belize, please don’t hesitate to chat with us. Stop by the fly shop or call us at 303-794-1104. We’d love to help you plan your saltwater fly fishing adventure.

Booking travel with Anglers All offers several distinct advantages. You’ll pay the same rate you would when booking with a lodge directly. But you’ll gain our help with logistics and travel details. We’ll communicate your requests and help make sure the trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Best of all, our travel customers receive a VIP travel discount in the shop. From the day you book a trip until your day of departure, you’ll receive 15% off purchases in the shop.

For specific dates and booking questions, please get in touch with our travel coordinator, Andrew Pulford. You can reach him in the fly shop at 303-794-1104 or by email at andrew@anglersall.com