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New Fly Tying Video: John Barr’s Bouface

Greg Garcia is back at the vise in our fly tying studio with a new installment in our Fly Tying Fridays series. In the latest video, Greg walks us through the Bouface, an awesome little baitfish or leech pattern developed by John Barr.

The Bouface is an extremely effective pattern. It’s simple to tie and very durable. There’s no reason you shouldn’t carry a handful wherever you go. With a combination of natural fur and marabou, the Bouface moves with animated life in the water. Its streamlined appearance is irresistible, able to fool trout, bass, pike, walleye, carp and just about anything else that will take a fly. In fact, with the Mile High 25tournament coming up in a few weeks, this could easily be a go-to pattern.

John Barr originally tied Bouface as a pike fly, but it quickly evolved into different color and size variations to mimic leeches, and different baitfish. Feel free to get creative with this pattern. Then fish it on the swing, strip it or dead drift it. The Bouface also makes a great addition to a double streamer rig when trailed behind a heavier streamer.

As you watch Greg’s tutorial, be sure to visit the Bouface page on our website, where you can purchase the fly, shop for materials and review the video.

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