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Insider Tips Video: Double Haul Casting and Fly Line Management

“If you’re watching this video, you’re either one, a bad caster, two, uncoordinated, or three, maybe from Wyoming…”

Juuust kidding. We have a new video on the Anglers All YouTube channel that focuses in on the double haul cast. In this video, Davis James offers a couple of great tips to help with line management through the double haul.

In case you haven’t seen it, have a look at our previous video on the double haul, How to Double Haul in Under 5 Minutes with Anglers All instructor Doug Andrews. Doug offers some excellent tips to help you get started quickly.

In the latest video, Davis takes a close look at the importance of your line hand (left hand for a right-handed angler). Good line management while making a double haul cast is a difference maker, from your reel, all the way to the end of your leader.

First, proper line management will help prevent your fly line from becoming wrapped around your reel seat. Second, it will help your flies turn over with accuracy, rather than falling into a pile of crumpled leader at the end of your cast.

Davis points out in the video that line management begins with where you hold your hand. Allow for space between your line hand and your casting hand to keep your fly line from wrapping around your reel.

Then, when he shoots the line, watch as Davis pinches his fingers and thumb in a loop. Rather than simply opening your line hand as you release the fly line, this closed loop will help you shoot the line neatly, as if it were an extra guide on the fly rod.

Check it out, as Davis demonstrates: 

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