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5 Tips for Fly Fishing After Labor Day

5 Tips for Fly Fishing After Labor Day

Ready for a hot tip on fly fishing after Labor Day? Go do it! Seriously though, in many places throughout Colorado, it’s hard to beat September fishing. In addition to great water conditions, you’ll encounter cooler temperatures and spectacular scenery. The whole autumn experience is always worth a day on the water.

Anglers can encounter some excellent dry fly fishing this time of year. But as fall progresses, and major hatches begin to taper off, anglers may need to change strategies. Here are a few tips as we approach fall fishing:

1. Think Small

According to Anglers All manager, Greg Garcia, smaller flies are one of the keys to the summer-fall transition.

“Where you’ve been having success on that size 16 caddis all summer, you might need to change things up,” Greg suggested. “There have been days when I’ve tried those Amy’s Ants and other summertime dry fly favorites and the fish won’t rise. But then a size 20 Parachute Adams will suddenly do the trick.”

2. It’s Streamer Season

Fall is also a great time to be fishing streamers. As the weather begins to change, fish will be looking for that fast, easy fill-up. This time of year, think about fishing dark colored streamers. Black is always a good choice. Also be ready with some fall colored options, like the Autumn Splendor.

Greg suggests working streamers along the far bank, using a quartering downstream cast. Then, allow the fly swing through the current and strip it back up the near bank. Take a few steps downstream, and repeat.

A short, sinking leader like the 7-foot Rio VersiLeader can be a big help in your fall streamer fishing adventures.

3. Fish Small Terrestrials

This is the perfect time of year to be fishing small terrestrials like beetles and ants. Even late into the fall, small terrestrials can be a hot meal ticket for trout.

“I’ll often fish these small terrestrial patterns behind something I can see, like a size 18 Parachute Adams or even a small caddis,” Greg added. “Behind that, I’ll tie about 20 inches of tippet to a little foam beetle or ant. The beetle will often sink, so I’ll just be watching for that other fly to disappear or even just pause.”

4. Start Layering

As summer turns to fall, anglers should be prepared for big temperature swings. Cold mornings can lead to hot afternoons.

Mornings can be surprisingly chilly this time of year. But by mid-afternoon, it can feel like summer again. Don’t forget to bring your layers and be prepared for just about any type of weather.

Check out men’s apparel and women’s apparelfor your fall layering needs.

5. Try Something Different

Fall runs of spawning fish can draw big crowds to high profile rivers above popular reservoirs. Instead of joining the masses to target fall run fish, think differently and go find yourself some solitude.

During the fall months, many mountain towns are between peak seasons. Smaller tributary rivers in these areas can be the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful September day. Small streams offer great fishing in the fall. And there is arguably no better time to be in the high country.

Don’t Miss Fall Fishing in Colorado

Get out there and enjoy the spectacular fall weather in Colorado! Don’t be afraid to change your tactics and try something new. Most importantly, stop and look up from the water every once in a while.

If you have questions, please stop by the fly shop or give us a call at 303-794-1104. We’d love to help you get ready for a great day of fall fishing.