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Fly Fishing Tips: The Streamer Selection Process

We have a new video up on the YouTube channel with some streamer fishing tips. Travel coordinator, Andrew Pulford, and media manager, Davis James, are offering a few ideas on how to select a streamer when you’re on the river.

Streamer fishing is a ton of fun. It can be a productive way to fish during the fall months. But honestly, we love fishing streamers throughout the year, any chance we get. You can fish streamers in big rivers, small creeks and everything in between. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a hard-hitting strike with a streamer on the swing.

Check out these ideas from Andrew and Davis:

For even more streamer fishing info, you might go back and watch the three-part streamer fishing series that we did last year with casting instructor Jonathan Walter. Go watch Part 1, Part 2and Part 3, plus more helpful videos on our YouTube Channel.

Before you hit the water, visit us at the fly shop with any questions or give us a call at 303-794-1104. We’d love to help you prepare for a great day of streamer fishing. In the meantime, you can shop for streamers at AnglersAll.com. And find all the tackle you’ll need, like Umpqua Streamer Leaders, and fly boxes like the Cliff Outdoors Bugger Barn. As always, you’ll get fast, free shipping on any order over $10.