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Rigging Tips Video: Steve Huff’s Figure 8 Loop Knot

We’re back with a new video in our rigging series. This time, Davis James offers some insider tips on how to tie a figure 8 loop knot. This knot is ideal for your fly-to-leader connection when using big game leader material that can be stiff and difficult to work with.

In the new video, Davis shows us how to tie the figure 8 loop knot created by legendary Florida Keys guide, Steve Huff. This knot was developed specifically for tarpon fishing, using leader material that’s 80-pounds or more. This double figure 8 allows you to make a strong fly-to-leader connection that’s perfectly straight. This knot maintains a non-slip loop that allows the fly to have freedom of movement.

This knot can be tied with heavy mono or fluorocarbon, and is perfect for tarpon, jack crevalle, or most big game species. Anytime you’re working with stiff leader material and sharp hooks, watch your fingers! Before you begin, have your pliers ready. It helps to have a boat cleat or something similar to help seat this knot safely.

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