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New Fly Tying Fridays Video: The Twenty Incher

Anglers All manager, Greg Garcia is at the fly tying vise and Davis James is behind the camera for another installment in our Fly Tying Fridays video series. This time, Greg is tying up a classic stonefly nymph, the 20 Incher.

In our research, it was difficult to determine who originated this fly pattern. But it’s safe to say that folks have been fishing it around here in Colorado since the 1970s. We still enjoy fishing this pattern today. It has a buggy profile that’s effective as a stonefly nymph, and works great as a searching pattern for trout. It’s even a popular carp fly here on the South Platte through Denver.

We particularly like fishing the 20 Incher when we need a weighted stonefly that doesn’t have a big bead at the front. It has a natural appearance, while still providing plenty of weight.

You can purchase the fly, view the materials list, and review the video on the 20 Incher page. In the meantime, check out the video and Greg’s tips for tying the 20 Incher:

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