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Fly Tying Video: Cheech’s Baby Fat Minnow with Ben Baxter

We have a new fly tying video, this time featuring the Baby Fat Minnow from Fulling Mill. Ben Baxter shows us how to tie this dynamite streamer pattern, developed by Clark “Cheech” Pierce of Fly Fish Food.

Cheech’s Baby Fat Minnow is an effective and realistic compact streamer. You can fish this fly anywhere baitfish are gobbled up: on lakes, in rivers, for trout, bass and even saltwater species. It’s small enough to slay high alpine cutthroat here in Colorado and enticing enough to hook up with tarpon in Florida.

A Note on Choosing the Right Size Streamer

Thinking about this killer little streamer pattern brought up an important question – how do you choose the right size streamer for the water you’re fishing? Of course there’s no hard and fast rules here…experiment with different patterns and see what works. But in general, here are some guidelines to remember when staring at a fly box full of streamers:

“When the sun is bright or anytime fish become cautious, that’s when I’ll look to the smaller streamers in my box,” Said Larkin Wilson, who handles eCommerce and Marketing here at Anglers All. “If there’s a storm moving in or during those transition periods when fish become more aggressive, that can be a great time to offer them a bigger meal.”

One great thing about micro streamers is that can be extremely effective on high alpine lakes for big cutthroat. But don’t count them out for small fish either. Don’t hesitate to swing a small streamer through a deep pool on a little 15-foot wide creek full of brook trout. Even little fish can have big appetites.

How to Tie the Baby Fat Minnow

When it comes to small streamers, the Baby Fat Minnow is one of our favorites. In the water, the body appears almost translucent like a small baitfish. You may need a sinking fly line or a VersiLeader to get the fly down into the feeding zone, especially in stillwater situations.

Check out the video as Ben Baxter shows us how to tie the Baby Fat Minnow:

MATERIALS LIST - Baby Fat Minnow (Olive/White)

Hook: Fulling Mill Bonio Carp Hooks (#8)

Thread: 70 Denier Ultra Thread (White)

Bead: Montana Fly Company Tungsten Round Beads (1/8” - Silver)

Body Accent / Dubbing Ball: Ice Dub (UV Callibaetis)

Head / Body: Fly Fish Food Bruiser Blend Dubbing (BELLY: Cream | TOP: Medium Olive)

Tail: Nature's Spirit Prime Marabou Long (White)

Eyes: Fish Skull Living Eyes (4mm - Earth)

Color Accents: Copic Sketch Markers (Olive / Red)

FINISH #1: Loon UV Clear Fly Finish (Thin)

FINISH #2: Loon UV Clear Fly Finish (Flow)

FINISH #3: Solarez UV Bone Dry Resin

Shop AnglersAll.com

You can purchase the Baby Fat Minnow here. We also carry the tools and materials you’ll need to tie your own. If you have questions or need help, please call us at 303-794-1104 or stop by and visit us at the fly shop in Littleton. Online and phone orders can choose from free shipping or same-day curbside pickup.

Tie up a few Baby Fat Minnows and let us know what you think. We doubt you’ll be disappointed!