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Fly Tying Video: McDonald’s Duracell with Davis James

In this fly tying tutorial, Davis James walks us through the Duracell, a jig style nymph pattern designed by Fulling Mill tyer, Craig McDonald.

We’ve had some requests for jig style nymphs and McDonald’s Duracell is one of our shop favorites. In case you missed Davis’ recent video on the Thread Frenchie, go check that out here. We love these patterns because they check a number of boxes. Most importantly of course, they’re incredibly effective at catching fish. But what’s more, they are relatively simple to tie and the designs are very durable.

McDonald’s Duracell features a brown ice dubbing thorax, red wire rib and CDC collar, giving it a great balance of realism, flash and movement in the water.

McDonald’s Duracell Fly Recipe:

Hook: Fulling Mill Jig Force or Hanak 400BL, Sizes 12-16

Bead: Fulling Mill Tungsten Slotted Bead 3.2mm Silver

Thread: Uni Thread 8/0 Camel

Tail: Coq De Leon Tailing Fibers Brown Or Mayfly Tails

Thorax: Ice Dub UV Brown

Ribbing: Ultra Wire Small Red

Collar: Natures Spirit Swiss CDC Dun

You can purchase the Fulling Mill Duracell here. If you enjoyed the video, please take a minute to like the video on YouTube and subscribe to the Anglers All channel.

If you have questions about tying or fishing, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to help! Visit us at the fly shop in Littleton or call us at 303-794-1104.

All orders placed online or over the phone can opt for free shipping or curbside pickup at the shop. If you see it in stock on the website, that means we have it here in the store. So orders will always ship quickly. If you place an order by 3pm, we will have it ready for curbside pickup the same day.

The Duracell is a shop favorite around here – go tie a few up, give them a try and then let us know what you think!