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Watch Part 3 of the 2019 Mile High 25

If you haven’t already watched them, go check out Part 1 and Part 2 in our Mile High 25 recap series. The 2019 multi-species fly fishing tournament was a ton of fun, thanks to great people, crazy weather, and a mad dash across Colorado to find 25 different species of fish on the fly.

In case you’re not familiar with the Mile High 25, this is not your average fly fishing event. There are no points for size, and it’s all about variety! Two-person teams are allowed to fish any public water in Colorado for a list of 25 eligible species. At the end of two days, the team with the most species wins. Find a partner and start getting ready for next year! It may be the wildest weekend of fly fishing you’ve ever experienced.

This year, we changed things up for the 4th annual Mile High 25. In the past, teams were required to submit a photo of each fish, along with the control card. In 2019, teams were required to capture a short video of each fish and safe release, using the Cinebody app. These short video clips allowed us, and other participants, to see what was going on around the state.

In Part 3 of our Mile High 25 video recap, we’ve included some of our favorite clips. As we watch the highlights from this year, we’re already getting excited for the 2020 tournament. Check it out:

To learn more about the Mile High 25, go check out MileHigh25.com. We will announce dates and details for the 2020 tournament as soon as they become available.

A big thank you goes to Simms Fishing for their generous support of the Mile High 25, as well as the incredible sponsorship from Sage, Ross Reels, Rep Your Water, Abel, Scott, Scientific Anglers, Umpqua and Fishpond.