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Our Top International Fly Fishing Destinations in 2021

Belize has re-opened for business. And we can’t wait to be back in Patagonia later this year. From bonefish on the flats to dry fly crushing Argentinian trout, there’s a lot to look forward to. And after a year without travel, it’s about time to address that cabin fever.

Not sure how to plan travel in 2021, navigating the ever-changing health and safety requirements? We have a guy for that. Meet Andrew Pulford, dedicated travel coordinator here at Anglers All. With Andrew’s help, we are currently running trips to destinations like Belize smoothly, safely and efficiently.

If you need help or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach Andrew here at the fly shop at 303-794-1104. We’d love to help you plan an unforgettable fly fishing adventure.

As we look ahead this year, here are two of our top international travel destinations:


Rio Manso, Argentina

“Rio Manso Lodge is located just outside the beautiful town of Bariloche, in the Nahual Huapi National Park,” Andrew explained. “This is our go-to lodge for all things adventure. Rio Manso is without a doubt a world-class dry fly fishery. These waters produce trophy brook trout, oversized rainbows, and beautifully colored browns.

“The diverse agenda available at Rio Manso is what continually draws us back,” Andrew continued. “From a few days, to a full week, a dedicated angler won’t leave any stone unturned, or have to “recycle” any water. Rio Manso is home to an endless amount of opportunity.”

Rio Manso is the ideal couples-friendly location as well. There are rates for anglers, non-anglers, as well as single anglers. The full week fishing package is priced at $5,200. The non-angler package is priced at $3,100. A-la-carte fishing days can easily be added to the non-angling package.

“Horseback riding, waterfall hikes, as well as day trips into Bariloche are all included in the non-angling package,” Andrew added. “We currently have two single spots available, giving a solo angler the rare opportunity to enjoy the amenities and fishery without the increased price.”

Photo by Mark Lance

These single angler spots feature a private room, shared boat, and are priced at $5,200 per angler.

“We also have availability for both single, or partnered anglers for our prime reserved week at Rio Manso of November 28th to December 5th,” Andrew told us. “We have timed this week to capitalize on the region’s famed dragon fly hatch. This is the chance to check out Rio Manso and the spectacle of trophy brook trout making arial leaps to an oversized dry fly!”

Looking to maximize your time in Argentina? Give us a call and we will help you put together a great Argentina trip, enjoying the sights and sounds of the Nahual Huapi National Park, and the historic town of Bariloche. Give Andrew a call here at the fly shop at 303-794-1104. Or send him an email at andrew@anglersall.com.


Turneffe Flats, Belize

Since 1981 Craig and Karen Hayes have owned and operated Turneffe Flats. This is our go-to angling destination for all things Grand Slam. We couldn’t be more excited that Belize has re-opened to tourism, and ready for a great 2021 season.

“The fishery here, along with the top-notch staff is what continually brings us back to Turneffe,” Andrew noted. “As soon as you hit the Atoll, it brings a feeling of home. It’s an easy location to access, so you spend more time fishing, as opposed to traveling once you arrive in Belize.”

Turneffe Flats offers single, double, or group spots, and this is one that should be on your short list of destinations to visit this season.

“With the ever-changing dynamics surrounding international travel during Covid we have full confidence your trip will be a great one,” Andrew said. “Policies for entering and exiting countries worldwide changing daily, so please do not hesitate to give us a call for the most up to date information. We have the ins and outs covered for your next planned travel.”

When you book with Anglers All, you have 24-hour access to our designated travel team, as well as the most up to date information to ensure a smooth transition into, and out of your host country.


Already have a trip on the books? Give us a call here at Anglers All and our travel team would be more than happy to help assist in any way for your upcoming trip to discuss your options, our recommendations, as well as current country protocols regarding in and out of country procedures.

You can visit us at the fly shop in Littleton or call 303-794-1104. Or send Andrew and email at andrew@anglersall.com. We hope you’re looking forward to some great adventures this year!