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Angling Adventures in Argentina and the Andes

“Rio Manso is a place that has stuck with me since I first arrived,” Anglers All travel coordinator, Andrew Pulford recently told us. “I think I’m pretty sentimental about it. But it really is, my absolute favorite fishery I’ve ever had the chance to visit.”

You’ll find Rio Manso Lodge in the heart of Patagonia. It’s where Argentina’s world-class hospitality meets some of the most spectacular trout fishing on the planet.

Anglers who visit will discover great rivers, intimate creeks, remote waters, and flats-style fishing on glacier-blue lakes. But what makes Rio Manso truly special is the dragonfly hatch, making it one of the best dry fly fishing destinations in the world.

Tucked away against the Andes Mountains and the forested slopes of 2 million-acre Nahuel Huapi National Park, the lodge is sheltered from the infamous Patagonian winds. With incredible views and Argentinian food and wine, it might seem surreal.

“The people, the language, the food, it’s all just too good to be true at Rio Manso,” Andrew said. “I’d love to help more folks experience what I had the opportunity to see down there.”

The Rio Manso and its interconnected series of lakes harbor brook trout, brown trout and rainbow trout of impressive sizes.

“It’s the best dry fly fishery I have visited,” Andrew added. “You can fish crystal clear rivers, lakes, and creeks. There is float fishing, wade fishing, and an endless amount of opportunity.”

Like many of our favorite travel destinations, Rio Manso is an ideal destination for couples or families who aren’t entirely obsessed with trout. This is Argentina, after all. Guests here enjoy horseback riding, rafting, hiking, and kayaking.

“My wife, being a non-angler, was in awe by the scenery during the floats,” Andrew told us. “She enjoyed day hikes to waterfalls, and sitting on the lawn at night with a glass of wine beneath the Southern Cross.”

Anglers All has booked the lodge at Rio Manso exclusively for our guests, the week of December 1st through the 8th, 2019. This trip is timed to target big brook trout, as well as browns and rainbows, on large dragonfly and dry fly patterns.

The lodge offers easy access to Patagonia’s best-served airport in nearby Bariloche. For more information, please take a look at our RIO MANSO TRIP PAGE. To find availability and other details, email our travel coordinator, ANDREW PULFORD. Alternatively, you can visit us at the fly shop, or call us at 303-794-1104.