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Santa Goes Fly Fishing

He just couldn’t help himself. Santa had to try some of the fresh fly fishing gear that we had stashed under the tree. Have a look at some of Santa’s tested and approved holiday gifts:

Ross Reels San Miguel

The new San Miguel Fly Reel from Ross is one of our favorite new reels this year. Nearly two decades after it was originally released, the folks at Ross have reimagined the San Miguel in brilliant new ways. While maintaining the class of the original, the new San Miguel delivers new technology in machining and materials. It’s a high-performance fly reel that’s equal parts powerful and smooth. Take a look here.

Fishpond Upstream Tech Vest

This isn’t your old man’s fly fishing vest. With adjustable shoulder and waist straps, and innovative design features from top to bottom, the Upstream Tech Vest is Fishpond’s modern take on the fly fishing vest. Built from regenerated materials for a sustainable design, this is the first vest on the market with an integrated net slot. Learn more about it here.

Winston Freshwater Air Fly Rods

After nearly 90 years of rodmaking, the design team at Winston continues to deliver new innovations. Winston’s Freshwater Air Fly rods are constructed with a high-modulus Boron graphite and SuperSilica resin system…translation for the angler? It means significantly less weight, more liveliness and higher responsiveness for outstanding fly presentation. These rods fish with a quick flex and recovery without feeling stiff. They’re just plain fun to cast! Take a look at the weight and length options here.

Rio Technical Trout Fly Line

This fly line from Rio is all about delicacy and light presentations. If you find yourself casting to picky trout, the Rio Technical Trout Fly Line is designed for these situations. The long, fine front taper is ideal for delivering to picky eaters with long leaders. The extended head and back taper help with loop control and accuracy at longer distances. It’s available in weight-forward and double taper options. The coldwater coating will perform in your favorite finicky tailwater or cold freestone environments. Shop this line here.

Scientific Anglers Absolute Tippet

Don’t overlook the importance of quality tippet. After all, it’s the last thing connecting your fly and your rod hand. Absolute Tippet from Scientific Anglers is a supple material for drag-free drifts. It offers abrasion resistance and durability at incredibly small diameters. Improve your fish-fooling game. Add a few of these great stocking stuffers here.

Greg Garcia’s Darth Baetis Umpqua Fly

What was Santa’s choice fly in the video? Greg Garcia’s Darth Baetis, from Umpqua Feather Merchants. Developed by Anglers All manager, Greg Garcia, the Darth Baetis is a deadly little mayfly pattern, tied on high quality hooks from Tiemco. Visit the fly page here to order some of your own.

Finn Utility Jacob's Wallet

The perfect all in one old school canvas wallet. This made in the USA "fly box" is perfect for an afternoon on the water when you know the bugs you want to use and just need a place to stash a few flies and a few leaders. Check it out!

Ask Us For Help with Your Holiday Shopping

If you need help, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can visit us at the fly shop in Littleton or call us at 303-794-1104. Whether it’s putting fly line on a new reel, or just finding the right gift, we’d love to help! Shipping is fast and free from Anglers All.com so get your holiday orders in soon.