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Lose Fewer Flies and Save Money with Jimmy’s Hot Tip

If you don’t lose any flies throughout a day of fishing, you weren’t trying hard enough. Right? But there’s no need to be wasteful. Check out our latest video, as Jimmy shows us how to save a snagged fly, using the roll cast method.

When you’re snagged on the opposite bank, the last thing you want to do is walk through a great looking run to rescue your fly. On the other hand, that snag can easily be worth a few dollars. Here’s a quick tip that can save you money, and perhaps a few fish in the net.

Before you resort to blowing out the hole or breaking off your rig, raise your rod hand high above your head and give a forward flick of the wrist, sending a loop of fly line toward the opposite bank, similar to a roll cast. This causes your fly to back out of the snag, rather than pulling, and setting the hook tighter.

Have a look, as Jimmy demonstrates:

Summer Fishing Conditions

In case you haven’t heard, water levels are dropping and clarity is rapidly improving on most waters throughout Colorado. The Gunnison, Arkansas, Colorado and Platte River drainages are all coming down, and the fishing has been excellent.

Falling water levels combined with strong hatches is also producing great dry fly fishing. We’re currently seeing hatches of caddis, yellow sallies, red quills and PMDs. For daily updated fishing reports and forecasts, check out FlyCastUSA.com and subscribe to their newsletter.

If you need help with fly patterns, rigging, or anything else to enjoy a day on the water, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re always glad to help you get started! Visit us at the fly shop in Littleton, or give us a call at 303-794-1104. And remember that you can get fast, free shipping from AnglersAll.com.