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Winter Fishing Tactics: Go Big…Or Go Small

The Anglers All crew has been out on the water over the past several weeks, testing out new gear and putting some fish in the net.

On these recent outings, we’ve found ourselves fishing patterns at opposite ends of the spectrum. Either we’re catching fish on streamers. Or we’re doing work with small midges. And there’s not much in between

Have a look at the latest video for an update:

As we’ve been out on the water lately, a few new products have really stood out. In the video, you may have noticed Dakota sporting a new chest pack and backpack combo. That’s the Umpqua ZS2 Overlook 500 Chest Pack Kit. It has proven to be a great system with a very functional chest pack and a removable 550 cubic inch back with a net holster. Read more about it here.

As we’ve been fishing streamers often, we’ve enjoyed great fly lines from both Rio and Scientific Anglers. The Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Sink Tip Fly Lineis a great option for presenting streamers to trout in winter conditions. This line is available in a variety of sink rates. Next, take a look at the Rio InTouch Big Nasty Sink Tip Fly Line. This is another great option for casting big flies and great depth control.

When it comes to fishing small midges this time of year, you can’t beat Greg Garcia’s Rojo Midge. In addition to the popular black, olive and red colors, it’s now available in a new purple variation. Check out last week’s blog post for a quick tying tutorial. What’s more, the Rojo Midge is our February fly of the month and is currently on sale!

We offer free shipping on all orders over $10 from AnglersAll.com. If you have questions, please call us at 303-794-1104 or visit us at the fly shop. Whether it’s on streamers or a nymph rig, we hope you get out there and catch some fish this month!