Part 1: The 5 Places You Must Fish in Colorado This Year

We all know that Colorado is chock full of fly fishing opportunities. But how often do you really get out there and experience the breadth of it? We’re all sometimes guilty of going back to the same spots – the places we feel comfortable and know the water. But in this series, we’re going to explore 5 places you must fish in Colorado this year.

It’s time to get out of your box. If you’re in a fishing rut, we’ve got some awesome ideas. While the local media loves reporting about forest fires and closures in mountain areas, there’s a lot of great fishing out there folks. In many places this summer, the fishing has been outstanding.

Over the next several weeks, we’re going to offer up some of our best ideas on where you need to try fishing this year. If you need help finding somewhere to fish in the next few weeks, don’t hesitate to stop by the fly shop. Or call us anytime at 303-794-1104.

Part 1: Alpine Lakes, Brookies and Beaver Ponds

This time of year is the perfect time to explore our high country waters here in Colorado. Prolific dry fly hatches happen throughout the warm months at higher elevations and there is no shortage of fishing opportunities.

Alpine Lakes and Colorful Trout

The Centennial State is littered with lakes that sit in spectacular alpine basins. Some popular destinations for anglers here include Guanella Pass, Indian Peaks Wilderness, St Mary’s Glacier, Mount Evans Wilderness, the Flat Tops, Mount Zirkel Wilderness, and so many more.

These lakes often require a little boot leather to reach. But it’s well worth the effort. You’ll find beautifully colored cutthroat and great views that never disappoint. If you haven’t visited one of these gems, put it on your “must fish” list before the summer is over!

Cutthroat Trout

Brookies and Beaver Ponds

Another perfect opportunity this time of year is a visit to one of the many headwaters destinations that are home to small creeks, beaver ponds and highly enthusiastic brook trout.

Some of our favorite haunts for brook trout include South Park drainages like Lost Creek and Jefferson Lake, plus the headwaters of Bear Creek, Guanella Pass, Buffalo Peaks Wilderness, Holy Cross Wilderness, and just about every single wilderness area in the state! Seriously, hike up a trail into almost any alpine drainage, and you’ve got a great shot at finding hard-fighting brookies.

Colorado brook trout fishing

The Gear

In large part, this is light line territory. Pack your favorite 3-weight rod and reel. But afternoon thunderstorms come with wind. To battle the wind, and to reach a cast across an alpine lake, you’ll probably want your 5-weight too.

Need suggestions on flies? Stop by the fly shop or call us at 303-794-1104 and we’d be happy to help you get lined out for your trip.

What Not to Forget

Since these mountain locations sometimes require a hike, don’t forget water, snacks and rain gear.

Don’t forget to bring cash! Some parks and mountain locations have entry fees. For example, St Mary’s Glacier requires a $5 use fee. It’s a bummer to get all the way there and then realize you don’t have cash. Trust us.

Stops Along the Way

Make your adventure complete. Plan a fun stop on your way home. Hit up the Wing Wagon in Conifer, the Brown Burro in Fairplay, or one of the many local breweries you’re sure to pass along the way.

Again, don’t hesitate to visit us at the shop with any specific questions. We’ll help find your way toward one of these high country gems and a memorable day of fishing.

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