New Fly Tying Fridays Video: The Complex Twist Bugger

We are back in the fly tying studio with another installment of the Fly Tying Fridays video series. This time, Anglers All crewmember Ben Baxter is behind the vise, showing us the Complex Twist Bugger. Clark “Cheech” Pierce is the designer behind this great streamer pattern.

We are big fans of the Complex Twist bugger for its voluminous body and lifelike movement in the water. This pattern uses two pieces of schlappen, plus a strand of chenille to achieve its big-bodied appearance. Note that Ben uses this Stonfo Coccodrillo Dubbing Spinner. This pattern is as fun to tie as it is to fish. It’s one of those go-to streamer patterns that looks damn good, and flat-out works.

Follow along as Ben gives us a step-by-step look at the Complex Twist Bugger:

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