Fly Tying How-To: The Holy Grail Hare’s Ear Video

If you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you may have already seen that we shared a new “Fly Tying Friday” video last week. In the new video, fly shop manager and Umpqua fly designer, Greg Garcia is behind the vise. This time, he shows us how to tie one of our favorite soft-hackle patterns. Check out the new Holy Grail Hare’s Ear video.

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After you check out the video, visit the Holy Grail Hare’s Ear page on our website, where you can purchase the fly, review the video, and even add materials to your shopping cart.

For the Holy Grail Hare’s Ear, you will need:

    • HOOK: Tiemco 2488 #12-16
    • BEAD: Tungsten Gold - 7/64
    • THREAD: Veevus 16/0 Red
    • BODY: Rabbit Dubbing or Hare's Mask - Natural
    • RIB: Flashabou - Pearl
    • WING CASE: Turkey Tail - Natural
    • THORAX: Rabbit Dubbing or Hare's Mask - Natural
    • HACKLE: Hungarian Partridge

All of these materials can be quickly found on the Holy Grail Hare’s Ear page of our website. Don’t forget that we offer free shipping and that orders placed by 2pm Mountain Time will ship the same day. If you have any questions, please come visit us at the fly shop, or give us a call at 303-794-1104. Have fun tying!


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