Holiday Gift Guide Part 3: The New Angler

New fishing gear is always fun. But there’s something extra special about picking out gear for a new angler. Whether it’s rods and reels, waders, fishing essentials or books, there are plenty of ways to surprise a new angler for the holidays!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been featuring different holiday gift ideas. In case you missed them, go back and check out our ideas for the avid angler, and the angler who has it all.

This week, we have five ideas for the new angler on your holiday list:

  1. Essential Tools

You’re fly fishing pack or vest isn’t ready until you’ve got these essential items. Check out the Essentials Kit from Loon Outdoors that includes forceps, nippers and retractor. We also carry the Umpqua River Grip Tool Kit, another great 3-piece option. And there's no such thing as too many fly boxes. Take a look at the Umpqua Day Tripper or the Tacky Day Pack to house the ever-growing fly collection.

Fly Fishing Essentials Kit

  1. Quality Waders

A new angler’s first set of quality waders is a big deal, especially if they’ve been surviving on hand-me-downs or bargain-brand leakers. If they need solid waders, there are two that we love to recommend. You can’t go wrong with the Patagonia Skeena River Waders, or the Simms Headwaters Waders. Both of these options are tough, highly breathable and have great features to stay comfortable on the water.

Skeena River Waders

  1. A New Fly Reel

We have a couple of great ideas for new anglers who need a new fly reel, or perhaps a quality upgrade from the plastic starter kit. First, take a look at the Lamson Guru. This reel is tough, reliable and an awesome value. You might also consider the Redington Rise, another reel that carries a ton of value with a smooth drag system and reliable performance.

  1. A Great Book

Any new angler would benefit from a helpful book, like the Pocket Guide to Western Hatches, by Dave Hughes. This guide is a great tool for anglers who enjoy fishing anywhere in the western U.S. or Canada. The guide covers 90 hatches with color photos, descriptions, fishing tips and fly patterns. If you need a complete A to Z guide to fly fishing, look no further than the Curtis Creek Manifesto. It's filled with great information, illustrations and plenty of humor. It is the ultimate beginner's guide to fly fishing.

  1. A New Rod and Reel Starter Kit

There’s nothing more fun than giving a new angler their first rod and reel. We’ve got a variety of starter kits to fit a wide range of needs and budgets. For premium, U.S.-made quality, you can’t beat the Sage Foundation Outfit, which features a handcrafted Sage graphite rod, fly reel and fly line. Alternatively, we also recommend the Temple Fork Outfitters NXT Kit or the Redington Path Outfit as quality options. First time anglers or those looking to get started at an easy price point, take a look at the Scientific Anglers Trout Outfit.

Fly Fishing Starter Kit

If you need help or if you have questions, please come see us at the fly shop. Or call us at 303-794-1104. We’d love to help you make this holiday season memorable!

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