New Fly Tying Video: Tungsten Bead Skinny Nelson

In our newest fly tying video, we’re going back to another great Tracy Peterson pattern. This time, shop manager and Umpqua fly designer Greg Garcia gives us the skinny on Peterson’s Skinny Nelson.

If you haven’t seen our recent fly tying videos, be sure to go back and check out Greg’s instructional look at Tracy Peterson’s Batwing Emerger. While you’re there, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Skinny-NelsonThe Skinny Nelson is a pattern developed during some low water years on the Bighorn River when this fly’s sleek profile made it extremely effective. Peterson later added the tungsten bead, lending the fly to more versatile use in bigger water and in dry-dropper setups.

One of the awesome things about this pattern, and something that makes it right at home on many of our waters here in Colorado, is that it so easily plays both the role of a baetis nymph and a midge.

Note that in a slight variation from the original recipe, Greg uses a new material for the wing case. Instead of pearl Flashabou, he ties this fly with Krinkle Mirror Flash.

Check out the Tungsten Skinny Nelson page on our website, where you can purchase the fly, select your materials and watch the video. Or watch the full video here:

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