New Rigging Video: The Albright Knot

The latest in our Rigging Video Series is now up on YouTube. This time, Davis and Doug sat down in the tying room to film a quick tutorial on how to tie an Albright Knot. This is a very useful knot for any angler to know. As Doug explains in the Video, the Albright is a great knot for connecting two sections of line that are very different in diameter or even different types of material.

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Named after the Florida tarpon guide, Jimmy Albright in the 1950s, the Albright Knot is commonly used to tie a fly line to the backing, or to join a wire bite leader with monofilament. A good Albright will typically have 10 to 12 wraps, but you can get away with fewer wraps on heavier line material.

Whether you find yourself replacing a fly line, or working with heavy or differing leader materials, this is a very useful knot to be comfortable with. With a little bit of practice, this will be a nice addition to your knot toolkit.

Check out the video here:

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