Watch the New Hi-Vis Baetis Fly Tying Video

We’ve been busy in the tying studio, and we’re excited to release a new Fly Tying Friday video, perfect for your spring dry fly fishing! This time, fly shop manager Greg Garcia walks us through the Hi-Vis Baetis. On cloudy spring days when visibility is poor, but when fish are sipping on the surface, a baetis pattern with a little extra visibility can be a difference maker.

Take note of a couple of great tips that Greg drops in this video. First, don’t forget to pre-soak your goose biots. This makes the rigid feathers easier to work with. And in the end, it makes them incredibly durable. Additionally, consider using biot pliers that are designed to hold onto extra fine materials. Wrapping a body with such a small material isn’t easy, but good pliers will aid you in that task. You should discover that biot bodies are durable and they look buggy.

Next, don’t neglect the value of quality dry fly hackle. A great Whiting rooster cape is a big factor in the sleek look of this baetis pattern. Along with that, you’ll notice that Greg uses the Tiemco Spinning Hackle Pliers to wrap the hackle onto the post. There’s nothing like having the perfect tool for the job.

After watching Greg’s tutorial, check out the Hi-Vis Baetis Page where you can shop from the list of materials and review the video.

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