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Fly Fishing ABCs Entomology Class

Date: Saturday, April 29th
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Instructor: Patrick Tennyson of the Butterfly Pavilion
Location: Anglers All Store and Bear Creek

For most anglers, knowledge of insects is their greatest weakness. This class provides an investigation into the world beneath the surface as a trout sees it. Discover aquatic entomology (the study of insects) from a fly-fishing point of view with Patrick Tennyson, CEO of the Butterfly Pavilion.

Learn to distinguish between the multitude of fly patterns and the insects they imitate. Fly fishing ABCs will help anglers of all skill levels learn these important elements:

  • Understand and identify the major groups of aquatic insects.
  • Know the life cycles of each group and when they are a food source for trout.
  • Identify the life stages of insects and their various imitations used by fly fisherman.
  • Discover the micro-habitats that are home to specific insect groups.
  • Most importantly, know which insects to imitate at the proper times and the reasons why in order to regularly catch more fish!

Fly Fishing ABCs Entomology Class

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Location: Anglers All Store and Bear Creek

Contact: Doug Garvey

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