Crystal Stimulator - Umpqua Fly

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One of the most popular trout flies in the USA. Originally designed by Randall Kaufmann as a large stonefly pattern but works well as a hopper and caddis fly also. A must have for any fly-fisherman's box. This version features an accent of Krystal Flash in the underwing for added allure.

All Umpqua flies are tied on Tiemco Hooks. These top quality Japanese hooks are tempered and forged for strength and chemically sharpened.


Tie This Fly

HOOK: Tiemco 200R
THREAD: Uni-Thread 8/0
TAIL: Nature's Spirit Yearling Elk
RIB: Fine Gold Wire
ABDOMEN: Wapsi Antron Dubbing or Peacock Herl
HACKLE: Brown or Grizzly Dry Fly Hackle
UNDERWING: Pearl Krystal Flash
WING: Nature's Spirit Yearling Elk

Crystal Stimulator

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