Beldar Rubber Leg Bugger - Solitude Fly

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Our friends at Solitude Fly Company came up with their own version of a cone head Bugger, aptly named Beldar, in recognition of a popular Saturday Night Live skit that featured their own "Coneheads". Solitude continued to morph the Beldar with rubber legs, duo-tone marabou tails, a Crystal Chenille body, and dyed spotted Guinea Feathers. Despite it's gaudy appearance, the Beldar Rubber Leg Bugger has found good success within our Western waters. The rubber legs provide plenty of action and the dyed Guinea Feathers give a mottled appearance to the body that has been a proven attractor element.

Tie This Fly

HOOK: Tiemco 5263 Hooks #4-8
THREAD: Danville 3/0
HEAD: MFC Brass Cone Heads - Medium
LEAD WIRE:.025 Lead Free Wire
TAIL: Marabou and Krystal Flash
RIB: Ultra Wire - Brassie
BODY: Krystal Chenille - Medium
HACKLE:Strung Guinea Hackle
LEGS:Medium Round Rubber Legs

Beldar Rubber Leg Bugger

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