Dandelion Emerger

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Designed as a perfect all year, all weather fly pattern this Dandelion Emerger sits half submerged and half afloat making the fly irresistible to trout, no matter the month you are fishing. Midges are ever present in almost every trout stream, stock your box with a few to turn to when that mayfly hatch just hasn't come on like you thought it would!

Tie This Fly

  • Hook:  TMC 2487 #18-22
  • Thread:  UniThread 8/0
  • Extended Body:  Z-Lon
  • Hackle: Dry Fly Hackles
  • Soft Hackle: For Pheasant Tail Fly - Hungarian Patridge Feathers
  • Ribs / Main Body:  Small Ultra Wire
  • Thorax / Main Body: Peacock Herl

Dandelion Emerger

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