Dorsey's UV Scud - Umpqua Fly

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As the snow flies, and the days get shorter, all but the classic trout tail waters freeze over. But those who know the spots, and can weather frozen fingers and iced over guides, also know a scud pattern used throughout those cold winter days on the river seemingly always produce fish. Pat Dorsey's pattern is clean, simple and very effective.

All Umpqua flies are tied on Tiemco Hooks. These top quality Japanese hooks are tempered and forged for strength and chemically sharpened.

Tie This Fly

HOOK: Tiemco 2487 Hooks #10-24
THREAD: Danville 6/0
TAIL: Umpqua Z-Lon
RIB: Scientific Anglers Tippet
SHELL BACK: 1/8 inch Sow Scud Back
ABDOMEN: Shrimp Pink UV Ice Dub



Dorseys UV Scud

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