Greg Garcia's Rojo Grande

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Designed by our very own Greg Garcia the Rojo Grande is a killer Chironomid imitation. These bugs are present year around and make up a huge portion of a trout's diet in still water fisheries. They can be just as effective in moving water as well. This fly will became a staple in your nymph box.

Tie This Fly

  • Hook:  TMC 2302 #12-16
  • Thread:  UTC 70
  • Gill:  Oral B Ultra Floss or Uni-Stretch White
  • Bead #1:  Killer Caddis - Small Ruby Bead
  • Bead #2:  Plummeting Tungsten Black Bead
  • Collar: Pearl Herl Dyed Bright Green
  • Rib: UTC Small Wire

Greg Garcias Rojo Grande

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