Turk's Tarantula

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This is the single fly that won it all! In 1990 Guy Turk's creation, the Turk's Tarantula won the "one fly contest" in Jackson Hole Wyoming at the hands of George Anderson. Fish this awesome attractor pattern as a high floating dry off of high vegetation river banks as well as sunken on the swing. It just plain works! Grab your tying materials to tie the fly below as well.

Tie This Fly

HOOK: Tiemco #5263 Size 6-8
THREAD (Body): UNI 8/0 Tan
BODY: Wapsi Rabbit Dubbing - Yellow Olive / Brown
WING: Kiptail - White
FLASH: Krystal Flash - Pearl
LEGS: Round Rubber Legs - Medium - Brown
COLLAR & HEAD: Spinning Deer Hair - Natural

Turks Tarantula

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