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The NEW Reaper X fly rod is a moderate fast action rod with a powerfully deep loading tip section that shoots line with impressive accuracy and protects even light tippets agains hard-fighting fish. The improved Reaper X allows anglers of any skill level to experience confidence, power and accuracy. Building on the legend of the original Reaper fly rods, these upgrades will continue to improve upon the legend.

By utilizing multi-modulus graphite technology, Mystic Fly Rods has created a rod with a supple tip capable of protecting light tippet, while at the same time delivering immense power through the middle and the lower sections of the graphite blank. The end result is a rocket launcher of a rod that redefines what “fast action” should feel like. Like all Mystic Fly Rods, the Reaper X is true to line size and  saltwater safe.

The ReaperX  is a rod other brands don’t want you to compare. It performs with the best and is highly regarded by well-known anglers as one of the best-performing fast action fly rods on the market.

Local guides and anglers have praised the ReaperX for its versatility, capable in a wide variety of fresh and saltwater fly fishing situations. The ReaperX is available in light line options, designed for delicate freshwater presentations, and heavier line weights that provide the  backbone and fast action necessary to stand up to wind and the challenges of saltwater.

The ReaperX is designed for fresh and saltwater fly fishing and features:

  • True to line
  • Stainless steel snake and stripping guides
  • Quad grade cork
  • Aircraft aluminum gun metal colored window seat
  • Improved tracking & rebound
  • Lighter swing weight


Mystic Reaper X Fly Rods

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