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Dragon Fly Hatch? Yes, its real and its here!


Rio Manso Lodge occupies a very special place amongst the pantheon of Patagonia’s remarkable and legendary fishing destinations.  Located in the secluded southwest corner of Argentina’s oldest national park, 2 million-acre Nahuel Huapi National Park, the lodge sits nestled on the forested slopes of the Andes Mountains, practically immune to the famous winds that buffet other more exposed lodges.  And yet, it gives nothing up by virtue of every rooms unmatched view of majestic Mount Tronador’s perpetually covered snow-capped summit, and the wide variety of fishing and other activities offered here.  The Rio Manso and its interconnected lakes harbor brook, brown and rainbow trout of a size to wrest a smile from even the most jaded world traveler. 

Big rivers, small creeks, remote ride-in secret waters, and flats style lake fishing, are all found here.  Perhaps the crown jewel of the lodge’s epic fishing is its fabulous dragon fly hatch, where the promise of a big meal can bring the largest trout clean out of the water.  And at the end of it all, a short ride back to the lodge lets you spend your time fishing and relaxing rather than bouncing along a gravel road. It is exciting, pleasurable angling, topped, possibly by the warmth and attention that only a lodge staff steeped in Argentina’s fabled hospitality can provide.

The range of non-fishing activities -  horseback riding, rafting, hiking, birding and kayaking make this lodge especially well-suited for couples and families as well. With so much for guests to do, outstanding service, world-class fishing, and easy access to Patagonia’s best-served airport in nearby Bariloche, it’s no wonder that Rio Manso Lodge is a favorite of visitors from around the world. 

For trip dates, availability and pricing please contact Andrew Pulford at 303-794-1104 or email him at Andrew@anglersall.com