Yeager's 409 - Umpqua Fly

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This is one of those flies that is so versatile you should always keep a few in your fly box. We use them to imitate big hoppers and stones. Whether used on a big river or on your favorite high alpine secret spot, the 409 is always worth a cast!

All Umpqua flies are tied on Tiemco Hooks. These top quality Japanese hooks are tempered and forged for strength and chemically sharpened.

Tie This Fly

HOOK: Tiemco 5262
THREAD: UNI 8/0 - Color to match
UNDERBODY: SLF Prism Dubbing - Color to match
BODY: 2mm Thin Fly Foam & Razor Foam for the top
WING 1: Yearling Elk Hair
WING 2: MFC Widows Web White
LEGS: MFC Centipede Legs Mini
HACKLE: Whiting Rooster Grizzly

Yeager's 409 - Umpqua Fly

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