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New G4 Collection From Simms is Now Available for Pre Order

Ever been excited about a new pair of waders? We have. The new G4 Pro Collection from Simms has been years in the making. And after tens of thousands of hours of field-testing, they’re finally available.

The totally redesigned G4 Pro Waders, Jacket and Boots from Simms are now available for pre order at AnglersAll.com and are expected to arrive by late October.

New Simms G4Z and G4 Pro Waders

The new G4 Pro waders are available in two configurations: the G4 Pro, and the G4Z, which features a zip-front. Both are more abrasion, tear and puncture resistant than ever before. In fact, compared to the Simms G3 Waders, they are 65% more puncture resistant, 67% more abrasion resistant, and 22% more tear resistant.

But what’s truly remarkable is that with all the added durability, the new G4 Pro Waders are actually much lighter and even more breathable. While increasing the durability of the G4 waders, the folks at Simms have managed to significantly reduce the weight, making them softer and more comfortable to wear.

These waders are built with a 3-layer upper and a 4-layer lower. Remarkably, the 3-layer upper is even more durable than the 4-layer lower on the Simms G3. The face fabric is a new ultra dense microfiber. These fibers are 200-times finer than a human hair, giving the fabric an insanely tight weave and very high abrasion and tear resistance at a lower weight.

The ability to build a more durable wader in a lighter, softer fabric means that these GORE-TEX waders are even more breathable than before. For the angler, that means staying dry, and improved temperature control.

Additionally, the new comfort-molded stockingfeet create an excellent boot fit. The booties are constructed using and hourglass shape with 4mm of neoprene underfoot, and increased neoprene on the bridge of the foot (6mm) to prevent lace bite. Meanwhile, the 8mm neoprene around the heel and calf reduces heel slip and adds an 81% increase in thermal conductivity.

We’ve always loved our Simms G4 waders. But the ability to shed weight and put on a softer, more comfortable wader while simultaneously increasing breathability and durability – it’s a no-brainer.

New Simms G4 Pro Jacket

The New G4 Pro Jacketfrom Simms provides 3-layer GORE-TEX protection that can handle the most extreme conditions. This jacket is more durable and provides a higher level of breathability and waterproof performance.

The built-in front pockets add storage without bulk, and the easy-to-reach rear pockets provide even more storage options. From the adjustable storm hood to the rear hem, everything about this jacket was clearly designed for anglers to take on rough conditions.

New G4 Pro Boot

The new G4 Pro Boot features a seamless, anatomically molded upper that creates a wonderfully comfortable fit and solid stability. The toe area is more flexible with plenty of width. This improves the comfort and balance of these boots.

The new G4 boots are available in rubber soleand felt sole options. The Vibram sole includes threaded cleat posts. Anglers can now add and remove cleats on the fly, without the use of power tools. This increased versatility allows you to wade confidently in slick conditions one day, and then climb into a drift boat the next. Additionally, the felt sole comes pre-configured with threaded posts for rubber cleats.

Our overall first impressions of the new G4 Pro boot are a more comfortable fit, a tough-as-nails design, and the added versatility that comes with the pre-configured cleat posts.

Now Available for Pre Order

The entire new G4 Pro Collection from Simms is now available for pre order from AnglersAll.comWe expect them to ship by late October. And remember, you’ll always get free shipping on any order over $10.

If you have questions, please visit us at the fly shop in Littleton, or give us a call at 303-794-1104. We can help with fitting for waders or boots. Plus, we’re always ready to answer any questions, as you get ready for your next day on the water.