Wakame Salad - Nervous Water Fly

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"The Wakame Salad is influenced by Barry Reynolds, in that he witnessed carp eating debris one day on the DSP and it influenced his tying.  So he went home and designed a fly (the Carp Bitter) around said debris.  

So one day I was checking out  a pond close to work on a lunch break and saw the same thing; and I thought about doing the same.  Only I was designing on for still water fish, and I was getting into resistance built into flies.  Soft landing and slow sinking are my jam. So it took me a few weeks to put all the parts together, but I am extremely happy with the results.  

Wakame Tip:

Due to the body build, and being synthetic it won't sink upon first cast. so work it as a dry for cruisers or cloopers in the new/dry condition or soak it thoroughly first then fish it. Hope this helps!"

- Daryl, Nervous Water Flies

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