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Fly Fishing Rental Gear


The Program:

We are happy to be relaunching our rental gear program here at Anglers All. Whether your leaky waders are in for repair, or you have family or friends visiting from out of town and you want to take them fishing, use our rental fleet to get out on the water one day at a time. Or if you hope to peel away for a day of Bonefishing while on a family vacation to the Bahamas and don't own an 8wt, let us get one in your hands for the trip!

Each piece of gear costs $25 per day. We don't charge for your travel day on either end, so for example if you plan to fish Saturday and you pick up your gear Friday afternoon, and return it Sunday we will only charge you your fishing day.

The Gear:

- 9ft 4-piece 4wt TFO Legacy Rods - $25 per day

- 9ft 4-piece 5wt TFO Legacy Rods - $25 per day.

- 9ft 4-piece 8wt Sage Salt Rods - $25 per day.

- 9ft 4-piece 10wt Sage Salt Rods - $25 per day.

- 4 & 5wt Ross Animas Fly Reels w/ Fly Line - $25 per day.

- 8 & 10wt Sage Spectrum Fly Reeds w/ Fly Line - $25 per day.

- Simms Tributary Waders - $25 per day.

- Simms Tributary Wading Boots - $25 per day.

Give us a call to reserve gear (303-794-1104), or stop in the shop.

The renter will be responsible to return he gear on the planned on return date and in the same condition it was when it left. Repairs or replacements needed on rental gear will be the finanical responsiblity of the renter. The renter will be charged retail prices on items not returned after a grace period.