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Tying Tommy Lynch’s Drunk and Disorderly Streamer

This week we’ve got a new fly tying video featuring a proven streamer pattern, the Drunk and Disorderly, designed by Tommy Lynch. When we think of fall streamer fishing and giant brown trout, the Drunk and Disorderly from Fulling Mill is one of those patterns that immediately comes to mind.

When Lynch set out to design the D&D, he wanted to create something with much more movement and diving action than the simple rise and fall of the average cone-head streamer. Beyond the jigging action of most streamers, Lynch’s fly actually tips side-to-side, dives and glides through the water.

The D&D features a wedge-shaped deer hair head on an angled jig hook. In large part, this is what gives the fly its unique action, realistically mimicking the movements of a baitfish.

When fishing the Drunk and Disorderly, we recommend using a sinking line, VersiLeader or splitshot to help get the fly down. Once below the surface, quick, erratic strips give this fly an irresistible movement.

Have a look at our New Video as John Trujillo walks us through Lynch’s Drunk and Disorderly. If you find it helpful, please take a minute to like the video on YouTube and please subscribe to the Anglers All Channel.

You can purchase the Drunk and Disorderly here on the website or find all the materials you’ll need to get started. If you have questions or need help, please visit us at the fly shop in Littleton. Or you can give us a call at 303-794-1104.

MATERIALS LIST: TRAILER HOOK: Gamakatsu B10s #4 TAIL/FLASH: Flashabou Black BODY: Polar Chenille - Gold UV COLLAR: Rabbit Zonker - Light Olive MOVEMENT: Mallard Flank Feather - Olive ARTICULATION: Senyo's Intruder Wire & Killer Caddis beads LRG LEADING HOOK: Gamakatsu B10s #2 & #4 HEAD: Spinning Deer Hair - Olive EYES: Fish Skull Living Eyes - Earth GLUE: Loon UV Thin OPTIONAL: Glass Rattle

The fly shop is open! And in keeping with COVID regulations, we’re limiting the number of customers in the store at any one time. We’re also offering the option of free shipping or curbside pickup on all orders. Receive your order fast and get out there to enjoy the perfect fly fishing weather this weekend!