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New Fly Tying Video Featuring Cheech’s Flugenzombie

Our latest fly tying video features Ben Baxter, showing us how to tie the Flugenzombie from Fulling Mill. The Flugenzombie is an articulated streamer designed by Clark “Cheech” Pierce from Fly Fish Food. Cheech describes this fly as a bit of a monster, having devoured a Cheech Leech, a Complex Twist Bugger and a Lunch Lady. That’s how this mashup fly earned its name.

This fly pattern features the marabou tail and schlappen body of the Complex Twist Bugger along with the marabou collar and silicone legs of the Cheech Leech. The inspiration for the head on this fly comes from Cheech’s Lunch Lady Pattern. When you add it all up, you get a fantastic streamer pattern for targeting big trout. The weighted dumbbell eyes give this fly a great swimming motion in the water.

Check it out as Ben shows us step-by-step how to tie the Fulling Mill Flugenzombie:

Fly Recipe -

LEAD HOOK:Daiichi 2461 Size 1

TRAILING HOOK:Gamakatsu B10S Size 1

EYES:Ballzeyes - Large - Chartreuse

THREAD:Ultra Thread 140D - Black

TAIL & COLLAR:Nature's Spirit Prime Long Marabou

BODY:Schlappen - Alternating Colors

BODY:UV Polar Chenille - Gold

FLASH:Flashabou - Speckled Gold

ARTICULATIONSenyo's Intruder Wire & 3D Beads

LEGSSili Legs

HEADBruiser Blend - Alternating Colors                                            

If you have fly tying questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to help! Visit us at the fly shop or give us a call at 303-794-1104. If you’re shopping for a vise, tools or materials, remember that we offer the option of free shipping or curbside pick up on all online orders.