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Purple Haze Soft Hackle in the New Fly Tying Video

Subscribers to our YouTube channel have already had the first look at our latest Fly Tying Friday’s video. In the new installment, Greg Garcia shows us how to tie the Purple Haze, an effective soft hackle pattern developed by local tyer and fly fishing guide, Greg Blessing.

We’ve enjoyed fishing the Purple Haze in a number of situations. This versatile fly can be fished on the swing and is a great pattern for trout spey enthusiasts. But it’s equally as effective when drifted as a baetis emerger.

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In this video, Greg offers some helpful tips. In particular, note Greg’s technique when tying in and wrapping the hen hackle. Hen hackle collars can be frustrating when feathers don’t line up in the right direction. But with the right technique and a little practice, a neatly tied soft hackle is a beautiful thing.

Check out the latest Fly Tying Friday’s video featuring the Purple Haze…

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